Otumbo Vincent is purpose and value-driven author, personal coach, consultant and entrepreneur.

A highly accomplished and multi-skilled Training and Entrepreneurship Consultant with over 6 years’ experience in personal development coaching, capacity building, business, and management consulting services.

The Co-founder and Managing Director SAV SKILLS LIMITED – a capacity building, management, and business consulting firm. Founder and Chair Stories of Significance – the platform for sharing personal, authentic, and unscripted stories that educate, entertain, and inspire people worldwide.

A catalyst leader who provokes perspectives leading to change, passionate keynote speaker, personal development coach, and panel moderator with a track record of connecting and inspiring people and organizations to excel.

Committed distinguished Toastmaster, award winning club coach, and distinguished club president. 

Something about embracing the norms. The art of doing things the way they have always been done to avoid the discomfort that comes with change. They don’t call it ‘comfort zone’ for nothing.

Not only does this comfort stagnate us, but it also blinds us from who we ought to become, until we deliberately pivot. Pivot to that dare that scares our skins off. Something as dreadful as quitting a job without the thought of where the next meal will come from. Because we finally come to terms with the fact that the ‘comfort’ is discomforting and will never bear the life we deserve and desire.

Of course, that’s a giant stride!

Scary even. But that is the journey the author had to take. Embark describes that scary, yet fruitful journey most entrepreneurs must take before the rest of the world can coo in awe of their magnificent products. That way, when you venture in that direction, you will have the confidence to go all the way. No matter what.

In my confusion and struggle to find my true identity, I met a Mentor who guided me on how to find clarity in my purpose, passion, profession, vocation, and mission. This kind of clarity led me into developing a seven-module personal development program – The Personal Mastery Program and ultimately, co-founding Sav Skills Limited with a vision of building self-aware, impact driven catalytic leaders in every household, organization, and nation for an excelling, significant, and resilient world.

Passionate, Competent and Proficient Transformational Speaker. Delivers bespoke and authentic messages on Personal Development, Leadership and, Entrepreneurship provoking perspectives leading to change.


Competent Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)


Keen listener and thought-provoking articulation of panel conversations to deliver meaning. Change comes through conversations that provoke perspectives whilst planting seeds of growth and development.