Provoking perspectives, empowering brands.

Business Consultant, Personal Mastery Coach, Moderator, Keynote Speaker, Author.

Transforming mindsets through passionate and thought-provoking conversations.

Know Who I am

Who is Otumbo Vincent.

A highly accomplished and multi-skilled Training and Entrepreneurship Consultant with over 6 years experience in providing human resources consulting services including recruiting, business development, creating and delivering specialized training programs and leadership development to a variety of SAV Skills Ltd clients as the Lead Trainer. A catalyst leader who provokes perspectives leading to change, passionate inspirational speaker, personal development coach, and events moderator with a track record of connecting and inspiring people and organizations to excel. The immediate predecessor President of the Tamarind Toastmasters Mombasa and the Rotary Club of Mombasa Central.

Personal Mastery Coach

Owing to his humble beginnings,  Otumbo suffered from an identity crisis which led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Contract Management out of its marketability rather than from passion. He says:

“In my confusion and struggle to find my true identity, I met a Mentor who guided me on how to find clarity in my purpose, passion, profession, vocation, and mission. This kind of clarity led me into developing a seven-module personal development program – The Personal Mastery Program and ultimately, co-founding Sav Skills Limited to offer Training, Coaching and Mentorship.”

Keynote Speaker, Corporate & Moderator

Passionate, Competent and Proficient Transformational Speaker. Delivers bespoke and authentic messages on Personal Development, Leadership and, Entrepreneurship provoking perspectives leading to change.

Keen listener and thought-provoking articulation of panel conversations to deliver meaning. Change comes through conversations that provoke perspectives whilst planting seeds of growth and development.

Affiliations and Awards.

Award winning Toastmasters Club President & Club Coach 2020-2021.

Award winning Entrepreneur Mentor.

IPP Tamarind Mombasa Toastmasters Club & Rotary Club of Mombasa Central.