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You have to consistently relook into your life or else a pandemic will force you into relooking about your life.



“Vincent does his work with magnetic passion. He gives his best shot at the duties assigned to him. His gift of the garb and negotiation skills are extraordinarily good. Always willing to learn and impart such skills and experience to others for the benefit of the entire organization. He has my total and unreserved support. ”

Aggrey Wanyama, PHD

Themes of Concentration


Self Awareness

Seeking to pay attention to their internal experiences, being mindful of there actions, making better decisions, engaging in quality fulfilling relations, and mindful of their overall wellbeing? Seek no further.


Personal development

Do you want to be able to control your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits? Take charge of your life by overhauling your physical health, emotional intelligence, relationships, career, and spirituality. Your mindset is everything.



Goal Setting

Pause, it is time to look within and set meaningful goals that are realistic, achievable, time-bound, and inspirational.




Discover which of the seven types of leaders you are and, more importantly, how to integrate the different leadership types to achieve peak performance and be purpose driven.


Life Skills

Relationships are central to life. Develop your emotional intelligence, communication skills, professional etiquette, and become cultured.



Public Speaking

Face your fear of public speaking and develop into an effective communicator.




Break your barriers, break your biases become the best version of yourself.




All you need is a compelling idea that can be paid for, a prospect who can pay for it, and the willingness to get started. The rest, as they say, is history.


Main Services


Unlock Your Potential Now!

Do you feel stuck and uninspired in your current job or personal life? Pursue Our Personal Mastery Program for Lasting Change.



Business Coaching

Through strategy development and business operations consulting, we empower entrepreneurs and business owners with strategies and skills to run their ventures successfully and with purpose.



Management Coaching

A focus on building empowering organizational culture through team building, leadership training, and capacity building programs. These programs aim to help leaders and organizations transform their culture, enhance leadership skills, and increase their overall capacity for success and growth.



Workshops & Seminars

Participants are engaged in activities that lead to the development of practical skills through hands-on training and interactive sessions. Otumbo is also a captivating keynote speaker on topics such as personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills.



What Clients Are Saying

“A very astute leader in Personal Development. His authentic approach on life and business in the principles he teaches. He walks the talk”

Paul Gitonga

“A passionate and innovative leader. He is self driven and competent.”

Lawquery Limited

"Otumbo is smart, driven, filled with great ideas and is going places. He brings passion to every conversation and activity. As a consultant cum coach Otumbo can definitely help you improve your business with fresh and innovative insights from a growth and performance perspective. "

Tsuwa Thompson

"Otumbo has proven to be an authentic leader who is really committed in maintaining personal relationships which makes him of profound value to your personal growth through training and mentorship. He has really played a key role in my personal and business life."

Alex Kimani